wishful thinking là gì

In a sense, caps are the embodiment of wishful thinking.

Such a reading of history, however, would be little more than vãn wishful thinking.

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He considers them lớn be driven by ideology and guilty of wishful thinking.

However, the dangers of such wishful thinking, and of surrendering her subjectivity, are more apparent than vãn ever.

There is perhaps an element of necromantic wishful thinking.

This phenomenon was labeled "overconfidence bias" or "miscalibration" and was attributed lớn confirmation biases or wishful thinking.

It seems lớn bu that the 'cross-cultural communicative ability' alluded lớn here is, in the best of cases, akin lớn wishful thinking.

But the strategy they advocated contained a considerable amount of wishful thinking.

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Whether a justifiable prediction or wishful thinking, the neurosciences have gained momentum.

How much of this was wishful thinking or an exercise in self-promotion?

Rather, we need lớn build complexity into the models if we want them lớn reflect reality (rather than vãn wishful thinking or traditional disciplinary boundaries).

People may convince themselves, through wishful thinking, that they really tự not want that third beer.

His entire discourse on relatedness, trustworthiness, and commitment proved nothing more than vãn wishful thinking.

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However, wishful thinking and imperceptive, but nonetheless ingenuous, hopes dominate what should have been meticulous scholarship.

This position has attracted criticism from some for appearing lớn turn legal theory into a size of wishful thinking.

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