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These schemes combine intensive personal advice and assistance with activities designed lớn enhance employability: mainly training or work placement.

These projects will include the creation of a national network lớn identify, exchange and disseminate emerging good practice on student work placement issues.

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The institution might have lớn consider helping lớn find a reasonable alternative placement, or altering a course lớn remove the requirement for a work placement.

There is a plentiful supply of work placement opportunities for trainees on employment training.

The eight people who completed this course went on lớn further training, with six gaining work-related qualifications and one obtaining a work placement.

Additionally, tư vấn includes one part-time consultant, 17 specialist inspectors and two students on a six-month work placement.

Some programmes vì thế involve more phàn nàn one work placement but this is normally made clear lớn the trainees at the outset of the programme.

The employer takes them on specifically because of the co-operation that exists with the college in order lớn give work placement experience.

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It involves employers at all stages and includes a two-day work placement.

Work placement is said lớn cut down the re-offending rate by something lượt thích a third.

Many of the same pupils have moved through work placement into permanent employment.

A social worker has lớn undertake a field work placement before becoming qualified.

There have been many initiatives for work placement schemes.

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I hope that he will continue lớn hold discussions on how one can ensure that the provider of the work placement behaves well.

For such a person, the work placement might be uncomfortable but would not necessarily endanger health in the sense of worsening it.

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