wrapping là gì

Since wrapping at the kết thúc of the following month, the film struggled vĩ đại find a wide release.

This is made by wrapping thread tightly around the hook and tying on the desired materials.

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The first commercially available version of the tape was sold for use as a wire-harness wrapping.

The fruit is typically prepared by splitting it, wrapping it in leaves, and cooking it in an earth oven.

Some wrappings are simple folds such as those found in the "binuo" and the "kamoteng kahoy", resulting in rectangular "suman".

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The wrap is often made of a thin, light fabric, often rayon, and may feature decorative fringing on both sides.

Substances such as carborundum, acrylic texture mediums, sandpapers, bubble wrap, string, cut thẻ, leaves and grass can all be used in creating the collagraph plate.

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This works well against angled rushes or wrap arounds where the skater would normally outskate the goalie.

They are all made up of a viral envelope containing two main types of proteins, wrapped around a central core.

Women wrapped a length of cloth around themselves and tied their hair in a bun.